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From Everything.Sucks is one of the leading online commerce market places in Sweden, with more than 4 million weekly visits, over 2,5 million members and about 2 million listings (2017) on site every day, ranging from fashion, interior design to tech and collectibles. Although Tradera welcomes members from all over the world, most are Swedish. Tradera was originally based completely on auctions but today visitors can purchase both new and second hand items through auctions as well as fixed price listings. Tradera was founded in 1999 but was acquired by eBay Inc. in 2006. In 2015 Tradera was acquired by PayPal.

A former Tradera user shares her experience on, "I have nothing bad to say about the users (buyers/sellers), most of them (9/10) are really nice and professional. The company (Tradera) on the other hand.....OMG! Once the buyers have paid it can take months to get your money and Tradera will lie right to your face about the reasons, they have no shame. It's is definitely not the same company as 10 years ago. Beware, they do not hesitate in sending you false invoices and hoping you will pay due to scare tactics."


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The "Dishonest seller" says

"I called Tradera this week and told them that I once used their service, and did a beginners mistake, I believed a finnished auction was finnished, not to be restarted again. A buyer won the restarted auction but I had alteady sold the printer on another site. He wrote that I was dishonest. I told him over and over again that I had checked that the auction was finnished and had no idea that it would restart again. But he was angry and didn't bulge but wrote that I was a "dishonest seller". I then talked to Tradera, but they let his hateful review stay. I had no other options than to refuse to use Traderas services. After 15 years I believed that I return go to Tradera and start anew. But what did I found? The hateful comment was still there! I called Tradera again but they didn't agree to take the comment away. They told me to contact the seller and ask him! He is not even active any longer! So after 15 years they are still spreading untrue comments about me from my first failed atempt to use Tradera. They are spreading the information that I am not to be trusted when it was them who restarted a finnished auction. Ok, senior members maybe think restarts is totally normal, but this was my first attempt ever to use this service and it was 15 years ago! I'm so very, very disappointed at Tradera!"

Ben Hu says

"I try to sell on tradera. I come from china, I hand in all the documentation tradera required including my paypal page screenshot. They have a very unfriendly sign in procedure, for the first name and second name, they never stated it's in the letters that is in your original language which comply with the paypal page. Then it's the paypal page, because i'm from china, so my name will be show as chinese characters on my paypal page, but there is pinyin name which is in latin letters for my names. they ask me to ask paypal to change it for me. as the name is in chinese characters. What their customers do is not communication, just repeating their rules. and when it's obviouly not logical of their procedure, when I asking if I could talk to their technical guy to solve this issue. they say, there is no guy for me. and they could never change the rule."

vassy mwewa says

"very bad,they closed everything without warning,did not pay our commisions we accumulated,terrible company,stole from people,we worked so hard for the commision we never got,dont even try they are the worst"

Marc says

"Really difficult to set up an account without personnr. Asking for tons of legal documents and in the end they are not able to book a delivery. Terrible costumer service."

Punky Fuste says

"Be very careful with their fees. They claim to send an invoice each month but then can't provide backup for that. They do not notify you in app when you have a fee due and then quickly charge you late fees. Very, very scammy."

Damian Kuzmicki says

"Intrum och Tradera . Tradera just send some invoice direct to Intrum inkasso, which dosen't applies to my person nummer or accout in tradera webiste."

Joe Minucci says

"This company is POS. I tried to cancel the subscription and for whatever reason they didn't (by fail or fowl). So weeks later I get another $99 charge. On the SAME day of my UNWATED CHARGE I emailed tech support of my past cancellation and of the new charge and demand to cancel with a refund of the new unwanted charge. My response from them is yes we will cancel it but there's "no refund per our policy." I explained in my response that I will contact my bank to charge back the $99 for the latter charge. They responded with a an unprofessional bully response saying that when my bank contacts them they will show them that I was knowingly and criminally abusing chargeback laws. This is false. Nothing criminal about asking for a refund for a service that was canceled twice and I haven't used and will not use, especially when payment is paid before the service is rendered (the last charge). Secondly they followed up by trying to intimidate me by saying that they would forward my message to their legal department for a libel threats. This is also false. A libel threat definition is a published FALSE statement that is damaging to a person's reputation. There is nothing false about my ACTUAL experience with them, and it is my right to speech to publish or speak of my dissatisfaction on any social media board giving my honest review. Nice try but you can't bully people out of not telling their experience. The irony of this is that I had not published my review at the time of my threatening response from them.. This is what prompted and alerted me of what kind of company this is which is why I decided write this review(s) to alert others of my experience."

Delilah Thomas says

"Tradera is a scam they owe me 99.00x2. I never once signed up for them to take my money only the one time purchase of registration. I’ve contact numerous time thru email and only saying I can’t get refund. I am going to BBB and also contacting my lawyer."


"**** WE WOULD LIKE MY REFUND PLEASE**** We asks for refund the day after THW TRADERA TAKE MONEY FROM MY ACC.we did not get a reply and took my money anyway, and did not get my refund. The pople that promising thet they will teach and help you all lies and no conduct nor sense of ethics, and they send me a new passwords with apps. Without my consent. Do not trust this and I believe it is just another Scam. Non of the 3 people who wants to be out in this company dis not got their money back. I WILL LET YOU GUYS KNOW IF THIS IS NOT SCAM IF THEY GIVE THE MONEY THAT THEY FAIL TO REFUND. and help those down lines that they promise , you pay $99 per mont and you have to recruit people but no knowledge of everything nor explains all they do is they show their money and people believe that its real. Don't quit your diplomas for this."

Sam Uel says

"Got blocked right after creating the profile. They really don't want foreigners buying on their site."

Shasta says

"Hello... I have no clue who the hell you people are. But you took 135.00 dollars out of my account TWICE. I never signed up for anything. And I Want my money back! I’ve already phoned my bank and blocked any more payments yous try to take. SCAM!"

erickamil says

"Tradera charged my card twice in August and twice in September and refuse to refund the overcharges. They also charged my account for this month (October) though when I log into the account it says inactive. Tradera also refuses to refund the money charged to my account this month. If Tradera does not refund my card, I plan to report the company to the Better Business Bureau, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, the Federal Trade Commission as well as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority."

Subodh Bhandari says

"I was convinced by friend to join, actually i didnt wish but joined just for him. I was never told they will charge you monthly. Cant add members as I know i am cheated and dont wish others to be cheated because of me."

Oleksandr says

"Won the bid and later it turned out the item advertised was not was being sold. I contacted the seller and asked to remove my bid, he said he can't. I then contacted tradera's customer service. They said they can do nothing. It is like this site was specifically made for scammers. Tradera provides you with no protection as a buyer whatsoever!"

Olusola says

"I was introduced to Tradera by a friend who sugar-coated it, and my expectations are not met I want to opt out from the company and I want a refund of my $99 which I registered with on the 11th August. Regards"

Ahmed Nafies says

"first time using Tradera, I bid on a bicycle where I did not notice that it is a pick up only option from a place far away from me. I ended up calling customer service to cancel (no way to do it). They told me to ask the seller so I did, he asked me to ask the customer service back. I gave up he gave me a bad review and thats pretty much it. Very disappointing service."

Simon Davidson says

"I have been using Tradera for several years, and I listed an item on Tradera, the next day I had my account blocked, and a message from Tradera asking me to send a photo of the item to them with the proof of purchase receipt and my passport.. I explained to them that the item was a gift to me and said that I do not have a receipt, and so they insist that they will not re-instate my account until I can prove I bought it.. What an absolute joke of a service..."

Colleen Marsh says

"I emailed them on the 28/7 to cancel membership when i signed up on the 27/8 welk in 72 hours been emailing them since today and keep getting automated emails. Dont join! Not worth the money. Now im worried i wont get my money back :( worst customer experience ive ever had. They'll happily send out loads of updates to do with tradera when ive been waiting for a response but nothing about customer support or anything. Please avoid at all costs. I regret signing up now."

Sam Asaad says

"Unclear payment dates, after selling an item, I have received an email saying I will get the money within 2 business days but after that i got another email saying that I won't and I will be receiving the money after 48 hours after the buyer receives their product. I am bidding on another item now and was relying totally on that money. Really bad job guys make things clear from the beginning"

ogalo oketch says

"I have tried to register as a foreigner so that i buy THOMSON RR 85 - Dockstation / laddare / charger - högtalare/speaker! But I cannot. I may miss it. It is so frustrating. May someone help me figure out how to register. Thank you Regards, Edward" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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